Equilibrium Zone Technologies

You too can be a web designer!

You can learn how to create a good-looking business website, e-commerce websites, blogs and many more. No prerequisite skill is needed. Whether you are a student, a doctor, a stay-at-home mum, or a retired civil servant, you can earn in dollars helping people across the world build websites.

Hey, We're EZ Technologies 👋

We're a close-knit group of highly creative people that are enthusiastic about their job and willing to go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

Our team has worked with small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria and throughout the world to assist them create more leads from their websites.

We like what we do. And we're quite good at it.


Why You Should Learn From EZTech

Everyone promises to teach you web design. There are courses, there are training programs and all that. Most of them waste time teaching you what you don't need and never give you real projects to work on. Those that do are VERY EXPENSIVE.
At EZTech, we hold your hand through lessons, give you real projects to work on and then keep reviewing your work till you are a PRO!!

See other benefits below:

Up-to-date knowledge

Get access to our library of $1,000+ courses to get the right skills. Learn WordPress, HTML, and CSS. If you so desire, you can learn advanced skills also.

Work on real-life projects

You will get assigned real projects to work on, and have a manager review your work and give you timely feedback as you make progress.

Learn at your own pace

Some learn in 1 month, some in 3 months, and some in 6 months. With N15k monthly billing, you pay for only number of month you learn.

Please note: This website training and mentorship program is done remotely/virtually.

This means there are no physical classes, all classes are done online. This means:

  1. You will meet co-workers and classmates from across different cities 
  2. You will also build a remote working skill (which means, ability to work with companies across the world without living your comfort)
  3. You can do this while doing other things, e.g. if you have a 9-5, or you go to classes, or have other things that take your time.

This Training & Mentorship Program Costs:
₦15,000/$30 monthly

You simply just have to pay this amount at the beginning of every month. At the end of the month, your manager will do an assessment test for you to let you know what is left. You can decide to start making money with what you have learnt so far, or you pay another ₦15,000 at the beginning of the next month to learn more.

Guess What?

We will also help bright students who complete early get a starting role.

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