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Customer reviews are the most powerful tool customers have in their tool-belt before making a purchase. They are the best opportunity to get a real and authentic opinion from fellow customers.

Do customer reviews really matter? The answer is a strong yes. With the emergence of online platforms, customers can share their experience with the world in just a few clicks. 

Reviews not only have the power to influence consumer decisions but can strengthen a company’s credibility.

The online review is potentially the most powerful, mutually beneficial tool any business can employ and any consumer can support. 

With everyone reading and making decisions based upon reviews from other customers.

Here are 5-benefit of customer review 

  1. Customers Will Tell You What They Think of Your Product

Consumers aren’t restricted online and can share their experiences as they want to. They’re free to say truthfully what they thought about the product and what they believe is essential for others to know before making a buying decision. They often don’t limit their opinion to “This product is good” or “I didn’t like this product” — they will explain why. And that’s where these reviews come in handy. By having opinions, businesses will know what to improve, the details to change, and the advantages of your product to emphasize and promote. Even negative reviews are helpful as they tell you what needs to be modified to offer a better product.

  1. Positive Reviews = Positive Sales… Negatives Do the Opposite

Positive reviews are demonstrated to drive customers to take action, from browsing your site to actually making a purchase. One study by Bizrate report that roughly 65% of consumers say that they look at online reviews either most of the time or even all the time before they decide to make a purchase.

Negative reviews can have a dramatic, and sometimes detrimental effect on a business.

  1. Reviews establish trust and validation

Reviews can help your brand become more trustworthy. Customers generally have no reason to give a business a good or bad review unless it reflects their experience. So, the more positive reviews you have the more trustworthy your business will be perceived.

  1. It communicates your brand  and visibility Increases

Reviews increase your visibility in multiple ways. The more customer reviews your company the more likely it is to come up on Google searches. They are also a way for customers to engage and converse about your business with other customers.

  1. Customer Engagement

Reviews provide an opportunity for businesses and customers to build a relationship with one another. Establishing an emotional connection with customers is shown to provide 23% more revenue than with a non-engaged customers.

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