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It is common knowledge that a website should be properly designed. This is arguably more important for eCommerce websites because they deal with products and consumer goods, which is the most convenient way for people to solve problems. Consumers expect the online purchasing process to be as quick as possible, and it is your responsibility to provide excellent customer service. Here is where web design comes in.

Web design for an eCommerce website is about more than just appearance; it is also about usability and user experience. Naturally, one of the primary keys to a successful business is a visually appealing website. A website should be simple to use, easy to navigate, and capable of meeting your business objectives.

However, web design is a tricky concept, and it might take a few tries before your eCommerce website looks the way you want. For this reason, you must consider certain factors, such as:

#1 – Navigation

One of the most important aspects of a website is navigation. It is the primary function of a user’s visit to your website, and it is how they will find your products. If a user cannot find what they are looking for, they will leave your website as if it were second nature. To begin, ensure that your navigation bars are visible and easy to use. It’s better to have multiple navigation bars, but keep them simple with fewer buttons. Don’t clog up the navigation menu with too many links, as this is bad for usability and user experience. You must decide which navigation links are the most important and concentrate on them.

#2 – Readability

Good readability is essential for eCommerce websites that post content on a regular basis because it keeps your readers engaged and increases your chances of ranking higher in search engines. Readability is more than just typography; it means that your website’s content is organized in an easy-to-understand and scan format.

In a nutshell, you should keep your website organized and avoid overloading it with images, links, and other distracting elements. You should have one or two things on the page that your user will find interesting and will encourage them to stay on your website.

#3 – Easy Check-Out

Checkout pages are the most critical part of the process because it’s the last thing customers see when they’re about to complete the purchase. It’s essential to ensure the checkout process is simple and intuitive. If a user is experiencing issues while trying to buy something, they will leave your website. Sometimes customers don’t even know where to look for the ‘Buy’ or ‘Pay’ buttons, so you need to ensure that they see them easily.

#4 – Social Proof

Social proof is a great tool to assure customers that your products are worth buying. Social proof is used when companies count reviews or star ratings that customers leave. Having suitable social proof shows that your customers trust you, so they should trust you too. It’s a good idea to have a few average reviews on the front page of your eCommerce website. The best reviews are short, friendly, and to the point.

#5 – Professionalism

Professionalism is more than just the look and feel of your website, which matters for eCommerce websites. People expect quality and professionalism from an eCommerce website, especially regarding information about your business and brand. Having a professional logo representing your brand and business is crucial, and you should have clear contact and company information on your website.

#6 – Website Responsiveness

Most people today use their smartphones to browse the internet, and they expect websites to be responsive. It’s vital to ensure that your website will work on different devices and be easily accessible from all of them. Otherwise, your company might lose potential customers.


Web design is a crucial factor that must be considered when you start creating an eCommerce website. No matter how much time you spend making your website, it won’t be as effective as it could be unless you design it correctly. With the right web design, your website will be user-friendly, allowing you to make a significant profit.

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