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Out of the million things worrying the minds of entrepreneurs, Fear of not making money, and anxieties surrounding being left behind and becoming obsolete are top-of-list.

As of this exact moment, 4.95billion people are surfing the internet right now, making it way more than half of the world practically living online and consuming information. Most importantly, they are looking for what to buy.

Quick question; How many people per day do you think make contact with your physically present business? If the number is below 100, then you should contact us at EZTechnologies immediately for free consultations.

If below 1000, impressive! But best believe, your business has more potential waiting and dying to be uncovered. In the most recently measured period, there were almost 81 million mobile internet users in Nigeria, and mobile phone internet usage is particularly popular.

The eCommerce business world is a multi-billion dollar industry with rewarding opportunities for all participants. A little flashback to 2020 during the pandemic when we all felt like it was the end and people were getting dismissed and laid off from good paying jobs, guess who was smiling to the bank underneath their masks. You guessed right; business owners who had an online presence.

You see, the world shifted after the pandemic and many probably didn’t notice. It seemed like people spent so much time on their phones that they just had to continue depending on the web. You need a new fridge, a refill on skin care, electrical appliances or even fresh produce straight from the farm; they can all be ordered from websites and online stores.

E-commerce eliminates the inconvenience of distance, provides innovative payment solutions and easier shopping experience which converts online surfing leads into paying customers faster. If 10 people out of a 100 view your products at your physical store, then imagine a thousand out of ten thousands, and ten thousand out of hundreds of thousands.

To answer the question on your mind, Yes! Many businesses have enjoyed a 300% profit increase and more. E-commerce has been generating jaw-dropping profit for business owners since before 2020 and its potential only quadrupled after the pandemic. 

It isn’t about a business needing digitization. It is about digitization being made for businesses, and if you’re not a part of it, you and your business would be considered handicapped.

At EZTechnologies we offer free consultation on the kind of e-commerce website that would suit your business, we also have website design plans tailored for you.

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