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As a business owner who aims to be customer-centric, a flawless customer experience is your number one priority. People go where they feel the most comfortable, and trust is established by the type of feeling your customer is left with before, during, and post-purchase.

We have covered the basics of customer experience pre-purchase and during actual purchase with our previous posts on the seamless, intuitive, and navigable requirements of your online store. Check it out here

We should talk about the journey of your products from the store to the hands of your customer; but firstly, you should know we design, maintain and provide consultancy services for everything e-commerce. 

As an online company, your delivery system is so important because it is the actual link between you and your consumers. What is the point of ordering that amazing electronic device, top-notch quality hair, or fresh farm produce if it arrives broken, destroyed, or even worse, it never arrives? No matter how great your products or services are, it says nothing if the delivery is found lacking, and in 6 cases out of 10, customers would go for a competing brand with a more convenient distribution and delivery system. 

Some large-scale businesses like Amazon and Jumia have their own in-house delivery services to create a seamless experience. However, It’s okay if your business is not there yet and you have to outsource. As a matter of fact, outsourcing logistics is now an independent industry that continues to expand and to be tapped into. 

According to Larry Elder, Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allow companies to reduce costs, benefit consumers with lower-cost goods and services, cause economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increase productivity and job creation.

The first thing you should know is that there are different types of courier services. They range from Next-Day Delivery, Same-Day delivery, International and Worldwide Delivery, Intelligent Routing, and Onboard couriers. It is up to you to assess your business and the kind of service that would be most convenient and applicable to your organization.

We cannot end this without giving you a list of Nigerian logistics and supply chain companies to that you could easily outsource your delivery services. Among the innumerable companies available at your disposal, these are 6 tested and trusted companies you should try out;

  1. GIG Logistics
  2. DHL
  3. Courier Plus
  4. AB Logistics
  5. IQ Logistics
  6. AMG Logistics.

Now you know where to go for your delivery service, you can relax and focus on scaling your small business. We can take a bit of that weight off by providing consultancy and web development and design services for you.

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