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As a business owner, your aim should be to grab all prospects and make it easier for them to purchase your products.

Here are a few ways to attract leads and convert them into your sales funnel.

  1. Optimise customer reviews and feedback:

People are very easily influenced and would take another person’s word for it. In addition to your own well constructed copy, you should have customer testimonials speaking for your product.

  1. Ensure to be fully stocked:

 A lot of entrepreneurs make the right marketing moves but don’t get themselves ready for the attention. If people want to order your product and realize you are always running out of stock, they lose interest and go somewhere else with availability. So always ensure availability of stock.

  1. Price right!: 

There are three things to consider when pricing right;

  1. The first step is to ensure your price is right in respect to your competitors, the market and your product value.
  2. The next is to give discounts, people love to see that they’re saving money by purchasing your products. Remember it’s the festive season and other retailers are providing mouth watering discounts for customers. Your business should be doing this too.
  3. Have you ever heard of the decoy effect? This is a powerful nudge technique that professional marketers leverage; it influences consumer behavior in a way that people appreciate being given a choice. In this case, you provide three options, a high, average, and low price option whereas the highest price is the highest quality, the average is lesser, and the low price is the most inferior. This is a psychological pricing tactic and it creates an attraction effect where people would be more likely to choose the higher price and value because they’ve seen what they stand to lose by choosing the inferior products.
  1. Intuitive website navigation: 

You simply cannot sell without providing an avenue for selling, your website should be professionally developed in the simplest and most relatable way. This means your audience no matter their educational qualifications should understand how to get from point A to B. 

EZTechnologies provides consultancy services for your website. You don’t have to bother much about bounce rates when there is a suitable website design and maintenance plan for you.

  1. Collect feedback and follow up post-purchase:

Many business owners don’t know this but the process isn’t over after your customer has purchased your product, you need to make your sales process a self-servicing loop; this means that the feedback and reviews you get from your conversions also acts as the first step to converting another lead into a paying customer.

  1. Invest in a redesign: 

Everyone one likes a change from time to time and websites need constant touch ups as opposed to physical stores. Redesigning your website helps increase traffic, generate more leads, improves business agility and improves your user experience. What more are you looking for?

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